Optimum White Teeth Whitening System

PDF: Optimum Press Release for $1.5m deal
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To take a B2B company and position them as a consumer-products, direct response firm.

After much industry-specific research, collaborative client meetings and focus group testing, we created a multimedia campaign of informative video pieces, live event sponsorships, commercial spots, streamlined web presence and press release publicity. We also developed multiple distribution points, affinity groups and streamlined the fulfillment operations.

Increased the business valuation over 1000% within the first 12 months; developed a major sports charity affiliation; created and produced award-winning, branded edutainment programs and created and implemented a commercially-producing, national events campaign.

Company POV:

It was the smartest decision Optimum White has made to date. In Focus Brands has truly fostered a real relationship and understanding of our industry and our company culture. They have provided counsel on numerous business development and fundraising decisions and have networked our firm within their client base in numerous cross-branding opportunities. We are energized and honored to work with a company clearly working toward our common goals and who know the true meaning of ASAP. They are unique because they see the big picture and also focus on the smallest of details. They have set us apart from our competitors and will keep us moving forward. – Paul Lugano

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