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Robert Manasier has been recognized as an expert in branded systems, new business development, capital funding, entrepreneurship and leadership. He has appeared in numerous articles including: Billboard, Washington Times, Newsday, NY Times, Entrepreneur Magazine and Hollywood Reporter. Currently, he is strategically and tactically formulating deliverable go-to-market action plans for start ups, Fortune 500 companies and non profits.

Start Ups: 86
To Market Leader: 120 projects
Funding Outreach: 308 Projects

Through a compression systems approach, utilizing our Top Down Brand Build and Bottom Up Management Processes, the In Focus Brands’ Team has the expertise and experience in this space to create a dynamic launch, and/or break-market brand for start ups, growth and new products. The team’s goals are attached to an expandable business system for growth and for ancillary revenue creation.This success only comes from building strong teams that Robert has mentored and collaborated with throughout the course of his career. Transparency, collaboration and incentivized implementation are at the core of every team that has produced consistent positive results, measured by increased revenues for his clients and partners. As a testament to his team-building strengths, Robert can be seen building teams on the Little League fields as a coach and President of the Saratoga American Little League, as a coach for Jr. NBA basketball, and as a coach for Saratoga Miss Softball, to name a few.

Business Service Intergrations
Realized up-sell contract growth of 900% and a 50% operational overhead cost savings in 18 months by integrating multiple offices under a unified brand.
Achieved 70% asset growth with an increased close ratio of 65% by leading an integration team, creating synergies and relationship up-sells in a banking environment.
Drove member growth up 34% in five months by leading sales and marketing efforts in an 18 unit franchise business.
Led over 120 sales training groups for 82 start up & established organizations: B2C, B2B, Non-Profit and Franchise.
Integrated Finance
Secured $44 million in new financial relationship assets with networking system of business owners and referrals.
Music Management
Delivered $4.5 million in A&R services’ cost reductions through a digital PR, web presence build out and live event platforms.

Consumer Direct
Reduced employee loss by 70% with an incentivized referral plan and added training.
Increased traffic by 100% with concerted promotional event and community involvement campaigns
Increased membership 21% with concerted promotional event and community involvement campaigns in 30 days.
Increased member retention 50% with an up-sell increase of 30% through a new staff relationship training and incentive program.


Media Organization
Captured $1.5 million in annualized savings in 6 months by bettering crew efficiency, conducting crew cross-training and ongoing communications initiatives.
Packaged Travel Organization
Delivered $1.2 million of savings in public relations, advertising and marketing fees by creating the launch and brand around an extreme travel tour company through a combined television platform and outreach model.
Raised over $5 million within one year while decreasing costs 50% through messaging and referral programs. A total of $55 million was raised through this system in nine years through systems creation and the utilization of various outreach mechanisms.
Full Spectrum Production
Decreased time to delivery by 80% while decreasing costs over 50% through a cross-trained, incentivized staff system. Quality control increased 100% with over 70 consistent awards for program excellence.
Product Launch
Realized $700,000 in sales within four months by leading go to market campaigns with health & fitness products.
Saved $500,000 in R & D and manufacturing costs while creating new category products. Realized over $840,000 in direct and wholesale revenue.
Service Launch
Saved over $220,000 in advertising costs while increasing sales 33% in first two months by created branded outreach mechanisms.
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