Mechelle's Way

Case Study: Mechelle's Way Fitness Series


To take a local fitness expert and position her nationally in the very competitive fitness video industry and locally increase her gym and class memberships.

Created a fresh niche for maximum brand potential with live event sponsorships and a press release publicity campaign built around the productions to increase the audience for the fitness video programs. We also developed multiple distribution points, ancillary product lines and an expert speaker platform business. Multimedia promotional materials and events were regularly generated for additional market insertion, awareness building and niche extension.

Tripled membership and gym size, won numerous programming excellence awards for the fitness series, received numerous international responses about the positive effects of the program on lives and health (online community-building to continually test and gauge impact, message and new products), established a branded-destination moniker for future product line extension launches.

Company POV:
From the beginning, I was impressed with the amount of time they listened and spent understanding my business and my needs. They are completely interested in developing the best products and message. Experiencing first hand the attention to detail and unwavering devotion to my project, I am still amazed that they can be absolute perfectionists and still create an upbeat and comfortable work environment where creativity and collaboration mix with a great sound business sense. They have patiently explained each step of the process and gave me as much time as I needed to prepare. I have gone from a comfortable living to a lucrative lifestyle while under the direction of In Focus Brands. I wouldn’t trust any future project to anyone else but In Focus Brands. – Mechelle Smith US Martial Arts Hall of Fame , 6th Degree Black Belt-Taekwondo, Creator of Women of Attitude Apparel Collection
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