League of Dreams

Case Study: League of Dreams

Company: LEAGUE OF DREAMS, a non profit organization

To take a start up non profit with no financial capital and create publicity and ancillary revenue streams for their worthwhile operations.
To leverage their human capital for maximum brand benefit & market insertion
To build efficient business systems
To recreate the core team

Create corporate sponsorship opportunities, stand alone, video programs for sale, and leverage their contacts in professional sports into long term revenue generators and awareness building vehicles. Use the power of their unique visual message to educate the public and increase donorship and participation. Implement the In Focus Brands Bottom Up Management System© to guarantee efficient use of resources and limit overhead.

Established national co-sponsored events for awareness building, developed a series of family-friendly, edutainment products and rethought their organizational structure and message. Assisted with capital contribution access and partnering, leveraged multiple use events for press and league development, reorganized the core team and structure of operation.

Company POV:
As we move forward we are very excited about the community partnerships and connections In Focus Brands brings to us. Their creative business models and brainstorming must be experienced. The amazing media attention and publicity opportunities raise the bar for the entire organization. Dedication, teamwork and openness are their beliefs and their actions. They know what works and what doesn’t and waste no time. They created the unique, intrinsic value to League of Dreams without sacrificing my core values and why I started this. Absolute trust keeps coming to mind when I think of Bob and his team. – Frank Kolarek


*National Establishment of League of Dream Leagues
*Increased Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities
*Branded TV Programming
*Additional & Steady Ancillary Revenue Model 
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