Co-development fund


FUNDERS (which includes the DPCD TEAM) win with mitigated risk in the most active part of the economy
Limited units
Shared risk with incentivized company/university/government grants
Gross cash flow and a clear exit strategy

UNIVERSITIES win by having a proven team that has monetized ideas for over 30 years
Clear process to commercialize IP & incubation programs
Extend their grant funding to the monetization stage (Universities maintain ownership of IP)
A true, collaborative, go-to-market team alongside incubators

INSTITUTIONAL FUNDING wins by having proof of concept/revenue traction deals vetted and created
Can deploy their funds more effectively
Ability to monitor the progress of portfolio companies in their strategic target industries
Higher quality deal flow compared to typical seed-stage companies through more tangible involvement during proof of concept.


Startups and ideas, (academic & otherwise), have great access to technology, time and theory. The disconnect comes with the activation and the commercialization of the idea, which is where the DPCD Fund comes in.

In Focus Brands, in partnership with Diamond Point Advisory Group and Capital Region Entrepreneurs Group, is seeking to raise $5 million to create a co-development fund for pre-vetted startup companies and university-incubated ideas. The goal is to fill the “death valley gap” between incubation/family & friends financing and commercialization. The result of all of this effort and all potential returns will be realized by institutional funding exits.
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