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To take a small networking group and grow it into a full-service entrepreneurial center and chapter model that works with new startups, small businesses, and growing businesses alike. Also, to develop a fund surrounding the activity of the business to provide startup capital for entrepreneurs in the Capital Region.

Contracted with Startup Weekend to hold a weekend-long startup event in Saratoga Springs. Analyzed the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Capital Region via events and conversations with local business and political figures. Currently in development of a service-based program and co-development fund to launch 3Q or 4Q 2013.

2 companies launched since March 2013. $500,000 in commitments from first round of fundraising for co-development fund. Interest for 2nd chapter beta test. Programming and service modules in progress.

Company POV:
It's tough to build a startup that caters to startups, because at times it can seem like the blind leading the blind. What In Focus Brands provided was the experience and direction that was needed to focus the vision and concept into something that has great value. My goal from the very beginning has been to educate and assist new entrepreneurs in the area, and to help them gain the traction they needed to be successful. It's been a passion of mine to work with small businesses and true startups, and In Focus Brands has helped me make this vision come to life." – K. Hayes, Executive Director, Capital Region Entrepreneurs Group
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